TG2 Artists is now Myriad Artists!

We are very excited to announce that TG2 Artists has changed names and we are now Myriad Artists. Myriad, meaning ‘innumerable’ or ‘multitude’ and implying ‘diverse’ and ‘variable’, encompasses our vision of both the agency and the artists we proudly represent.  The name reflects the qualities of our current roster—a truly magnificent collection of genre-bending master musicians—while also speaking to a wide range of possibilities for the future.  Like the innovative artists we’re drawn to work, we’ve never been ones to pigeon-hold the company’s potential. We pride ourselves on our curatorial approach to building our roster, and have adopted a name that aptly reflects this passion in the hopes that it will foster an outward projection of how we see ourselves.

We do not see this rebranding as a change of direction, but merely a continuation of organic development. Over 10 years ago, TG2 Artists was started as a one-woman agency; through many stages and iterations, it has grown to become a full-service, multi-national booking agency complete with an administrative support team, an in-house marketing department and a custom crafted state-of-the-art online database, calendaring, and contracting system—all of which play major roles in supporting and shaping the agency.

In keeping with this growth, and after the agency’s strongest year to date, we have decided to harness this excitement and forward motion and use it to finally brand ourselves as the multi-talented and ambitious agency that we are. We look forward to the exciting future of our artists, the company and the people who make it great--and feel that the change of company name is our way of aligning our passion with our role in the industry.

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