Mike Marshall and Edgar Meyers: Limited Availability November 2013 and April 2014


Sometimes all we really need is to sit on the back porch and listen to friends play music. We get that chance when two of America's musical treasures, doublebass virtuoso Edgar Meyer and mandolinist and guitiarist Mike Marshall, bring us several of their own compositions and arrangement. It's a vivid quiltwork of classical and other styles. This duo has been playing music together for twenty years. Over these past two decades, they have developed a fully realized concept of the mandolin/bass duo. Edgar and Mike present a repertoire that spans the globe; from Bach duets to Brazilian choros, and from funky original pieces their own twisted fiddle tunes.

Mike Marshall is one of the world's most accomplished and versatile acoustic musicians, a master of mandolin, guitar and violin whose playing is as imaginative and adventurous as it is technically thrilling. Able to swing gracefully from jazz to classical to bluegrass to Latin styles, he puts his stamp on everything he plays with an unusually potent blend intellect and emotion a combination of musical skill and instinct rare in the world of American vernacular instrumentalists. Joining him, prominently established as a unique and masterful instrumentalist, Edgar Meyer delights his audiences both as a vibrant performer and an innovative composer. Hailed by The New Yorker as "the most remarkable virtuoso in the relatively unchronicled history of his instrument," Meyer combines unparalleled technique and musicianship with a gift for composition, winning him a vast, varied audience. In recognition of his unique place in the world of music, the MacArthur Foundation named him a recipient of one of the 2002 recipients of its prestigious "genius" grants.

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