Music, narration combine for a journey with the Guy Mendilow Ensemble

It’s an otherworldly and exotic smorgasbord of sounds, but there’s a story behind each song performed by the Guy Mendilow Ensemble.

For the man whose name graces the band, which performs Oct. 12 at the Clayton Center for the Arts, the job he undertakes with his talented peers is akin to the work of a filmmaker, he told The Daily Times recently. “Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom,” the title of the show they’ll bring to Maryville, is a portrait of people lost to history’s tide who lived in and wandered faraway lands, but there are familiar elements that anchor it all.

“There are several things that go into this — one is that, obviously, we’re telling stokes that come from a part of the world that most people know very little about, and that’s because of the Nazis,” said Mendilow, describing the music, culture and history of the Sephardic Jews at the heart of “The Forgotten Kingdom.”


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