Hear A.J. Croce Sing Dad Jim Croce's Final Song 'Name of the Game'

A.J. Croce was only two years old when his father, Jim Croce, died in a plane crash in 1973, leaving behind a catalog of folk songs rooted in humor, honesty and hard-won wisdom. Some of those songs became posthumous hits. Others, like "Name of the Game," would go undiscovered for nearly 50 years.

On the star-powered Just Like Medicine, the younger Croce records one of his father's songs for the first time. Joined by a band that includes Vince Gill, Colin Linden, the McCrary Sisters and original Swampers bassist David Hood, he unearths "Name of the Game," turning the song into a modernized soul tune rooted in Muscle Shoals swagger and Motown strut.

"The song was meant to be on the follow-up album to I Got A Name," he says, "although unfortunately it was never recorded or released until now – and by me. I've never had any intention of recording my father's music. I like it and enjoy playing it from time to time, but this was different. This was a way that I could collaborate with my dad, who I never knew, and play an active role of interpreting the music. It felt right: a tribute and a collaboration."


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