Recent Raves and Reviews

The Horse Flies

"The band's core is an Appalachian stringband that is infused with hard-driving rhythms and world music traditions, including Middle Eastern, to my ears. Incorporating percussion and an accordion, Stearns' throbbing banjo, and Judy Hyman's incessant fiddle, the band becomes the Talking Heads in the era of Remain in Light. ... The group's late Saturday afternoon set was highly anticipated, and even in the dusty, hotness of the Grandstand Stage, it was my singular highlight set." ~Amos Perrine, No Depression

Maura O'Connell & Karan Casey

At age 57, O'Connell is still in great voice and one of the most charming performers you'll ever likely to encounter in any musical genre. She's too young and much too good to retire, and Casey is a decade younger. So let's hope that they each spur the other on to make some more glorious music together." Greg Hames, The Times Union


"Thank you for a truly spectacular performance Saturday night. I loved the story you were able to tell through dance. It was beautiful." Kara Rogers-Thomas, Frostburg State University

"[Footworks] really impressed the heck out of me and was awesome!...Amazing! Telling history through dance and singing with their feet. Wow!" fan from Festival of Appalachia


"That’s the joy of Womad and this year’s crop more than delivered. Best among them were the Alash Ensemble, three “throat singers” from Tuva, a Russian republic on the southern edges of Siberia. How the human larynx can produce six pitches simultaneously is a mystery (think humming and whistling at the same time), but their performance was spellbinding." --The Telegraph UK

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