The Barefoot Movement releases 4th album, "Live in LA" on May 13th!

The Barefoot Movement's fourth album, "Live In LA" will be released May 13th.  This intimate, candid, and untouched performance was captured last spring at a small music venue in outer Los Angeles.  In the audience that night was producer Chuck Plotkin (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan) and engineer Hank Linderman (The Eagles, America).  Following the encouragement and direction of these two industry veterans, the band decided to share the show with their current and future fans.  With this collection of several new songs and some previously recorded material, the band boldly displays the sounds exactly as they were performed.  Hank Linderman writes, "There has been no corrective editing, no vocal tuning, no replacement of parts, not even any enjoy this for the rare treat it is...use your player's volume control and crank it up!"  Chuck Plotkin adds,"The Barefoot Movement delivers powerful, heart-rending, butt-kickin' inoculation against lifelessness in any of its forms.  I would travel a thousand miles to hear them again and I urge music lovers of all stripes to join me.”

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