The Barefoot Movement on CMT Edge!

The Barefoot Movement's very first music video has debuted on CMT! This video for "Second Time Around", from their album "Figures of the Year", was produced by Westover Films and was filmed in Jonesborough, TN.

"The Barefoot Movement, one of East Tennessee’s most promising bluegrass bands, is making a strong first impression with “Second Time Around.” The thoughtful ballad is a highlight of their brand new album, Figures of the Year.

“We shot the video in our home base of Jonesborough, Tenn.,” says band member Noah Wall via email. “We’re all transplants to that area, but we’ve become so connected to it. All of the songs from the new album were written based on themes and events that have taken place during our time there, so it feels like an East Tennessee album. We wanted an East Tennessee video, too.”

Although the melody does have a yearning quality to it, Wall says there is an optimistic spirit in her lyrics.

“I was trying to say that if something feels right, don’t give up on it if it becomes too difficult,” she said. “Anything worth having is worth fighting for. At the same time, it’s also saying that life doesn’t always turn out how you expect it. Sad things happen to us, and I think sadness is something that we should experience because knowing what that feels like helps you understand what real, enduring happiness means for you.”

Being in step with each other musically helped the Barefoot Movement capture a relaxing, friendly vibe in their debut video."


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