Tania Elizabeth (The Duhks) & The Avett Brothers

We are very happy to announce that Tania Elizabeth, of The Duhks, has been doing some great work with The Avett Brothers. In addition to being a part of some amazing performances with the band on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, October 30th, Tania is also featured on The Avett's newest album, Magpie and the Dandilion.

Of the performance on Letterman, Gian Vassaliko writes,

"...With that, the band headed for the stage as fans filed into their seats. The lights then went down, Seth Avett introduced the band (as is Live on Letterman tradition), and just moments later, The Avett Brothers hit the legendary stage for a night of music that fans won't soon forget. The Avett's opened the show with the first track off their new album entitled 'Open Ended Lie'. The band then brought it back to the days of "I And Love And You" with a performance of 'Laundry Room'. The group then went into 'Down With The Shine' off "The Carpenter" and then hit fans with 'Another Is Waiting' as The Avett's belted "Another is waiting, she isn't saying anything".

Arguably the biggest surprise of the night was the bands performance of the 1850's bluegrass standard "Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel". As legend has it, the song was written by Dan Emmett, who debuted it at an 1853 New York minstrel show. The Avett's did the song a justice that had the ability to bring fans back to the roots of music, before publishing, copyrights and licensing were even standard procedure.

That wasn't all though, as The Avett Brothers would go on to perform songs like "Tear Down The Houses", "Famous Flower", and "Vanity". The band then closed out the show with an incredibly moving performance of 'I And Love And You' that arguably gave every member of the audience chills - and with that, another unforgettable 'Live on Letterman' was in the books!"

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