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The Forgotten Kingdom - Live Sand Animation |
The Forgotten Kingdom with Live Sand Animation
featuring USA Premiere of Sand Artist Kseniya Simonova (Winner, Ukraine's Got Talent)
Limited Dates in 2018

In the animated The Forgotten Kingdom, intertwining music, storytelling and captivating sand animation conjure voices lost to war and upheaval.

 Download Show Kit (PDF)  |  Learn More about Kseniya Simonova  | Learn more about associated Community Engagement Programs  (PDF)

The Forgotten Kingdom tells of the ending of an age, one whose passing begins with the traumas of the Great War and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and whose definitive ending is ushered in by the rise of fascism and WWII. The tale is told through glimpses and impressions captured in a book of memories found by a daring refugee girl upon her return to her ruined village in 1944. The pages capture day-to-day life from the vantage point of those living through the breakdown of democracies. This includes many of those leading the charge to authoritarianism — and whose actions would eventually cover entire communities in a “shroud of oblivion” — who fervently believed that they were on a moral crusade, that history was on their side.

The Forgotten Kingdom springs from late 19th and early 20th century women’s songs from Sephardi communities in the former Ottoman Empire. All music is in the endangered Ladino language, a combination of archaic Spanish with Turkish and Greek. The narration is in English. The show weaves its tale impressionistically, through a series of vignettes with recurring characters and themes. The addition of Kseniya Simonova’s evocative sand animation stirs deep resonance as well as connections with contemporary struggles, dilemmas and debates.

The masterful sand art offers a beautiful metaphor both for the story and the show itself: creating something new from something old and elemental; something that, by its very nature, is constantly evolving.

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About Kseniya Simonova (Sand Artist)

Performance artist in sand animation. Simonova is a graduate of the Artistic School of Yevpatoria, the Tavrida National V.I. Vernadsky University and the Ukrainian Academy of Printing. She lives and works in Yevpatoria, Ukraine.

Simonova developed her sand animation technique by sifting volcanic sand through her hands over a lightboard. During her performances she creates, obliterates and morphs her images to create a flowing narrative.

In 2009, Simonova was catapulted into international fame when she won Ukraine’s Got Talent. One of the pieces that she performed in the competition was a sand story about Germany’s destruction of the Ukraine during World War II, as experienced by a young coupleseparated by the war.

Simonova has performed over 200 sand stories for audiences in Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Japan, Poland, Austria, China, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Qatar, India, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Malta and others, including presidents, heads of states and royalty.

About Guy Mendilow Ensemble

“An international tour de force” (Bethlehem Morning Call) from the Middle East, South and North America, the Guy Mendilow Ensemble transports audiences to the long-ago-and-far-away...to hold a mirror for our own here-and-now. The world-class ensemble combines evocative storytelling with emotionally captivating music in shows that “explode with artistry, refinement, and excitement” (Hebrew Union College), conjuring voices lost to war and upheaval, whisking audiences to distant times and picturesque places and, ultimately, stirring highly resonant, deeply moving connections to contemporary struggles and dilemmas.

The National Endowment for the Arts recognized the Guy Mendilow Ensemble for the creation of artthat meets the highest standards of excellence, public engagement with diverse and excellent art and the strengthening of communities through the arts.

The Guy Mendilow Ensemble tours four shows: The Forgotten Kingdom ; Heart of the Holidays — A Global Celebration in Song ; Three Sides to Every Story ; and Around the World in Song family concerts. Distinguished educators, the ensemble specializes in community engagement including tailor-made residencies, choral/string collaborations and a breadth of interactive workshops. The Ensemble is an artist in residence with Celebrity Series of Boston’s Arts for All since 2014.

Alongside touring with the Guy Mendilow Ensemble, members are on the faculty of music schools like the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in India and tour/record with the likes of Bobby McFerrin, Yo Yo Ma, Snarky Puppy, the Assad Brothers, Christian McBride, the Video Game Orchestra, Amanda Palmer and Simon Shaheen. Formed in 2004, the Ensemble is based in Boston, MA and New York, NY, USA

Critics have said:

"The Horse Flies churn out swirling, addictive songs, blending tradition with invention." (Rolling Stone)


“ ... a world without the Horse Flies' wholly unique music would be a much, much poorer place.”  (Melody Maker, London)

"The Horse Flies combine musical and lyrical quirkiness with beguiling wit and intelligence …  a melange of rock, folk, and minimalism … music that challenges the brain without sacrificing the groove."  (Chicago Tribune)

"Music of astonishing centrifugal force ... breathtakingly complex rhythms ... unexpectedly rich textures ... stunningly modern ... gravity and grace ... their ancient, yet modern sound and their easy, seemingly limitless energy make The Horse Flies special."  (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland) 

"The textures are a blend of the ancient and the ultra modern. Realism coexists with surrealism, and synthetics and acoustics are interwoven.  A record of dark brilliance."  (Melody Maker, London) 

"Demented, post-modern mountain music ..." (Village Voice).

"The Horse Flies have figured out how to hold a hoedown in a physics lab."  (New York Times)

"Brilliantly peculiar ... new music with gnarled and twisted roots." (The Boston Herald).


"Bewitching and beguiling ... a band for our trying times." (The Dallas Observer)


“This veteran group from upstate New York has no doubt influenced the new generation of string bands getting most of the ink.  Perhaps their best studio album yet (Until the Ocean), in typical fashion they deliver always interesting, sometimes quirky, Roan Mountain Hilltoppers-meets-Talking Heads trance-like old-time musical grooves energized with the urgency, lyrically and sonically, of the best modern rock.” (Radio Free Americana)


 “Equal parts new weird America and global localism, The Horse Flies' Until the Ocean is not only the strongest local release of the year, but it is a serious contender for best album of the year from any region in any genre.  Compared to the sophomoric Soweto dabblings of ‘Vampire Weekend,’ the neo-pseudo-folk of CSNY-impersonators and the thin veneer of fusion so prevalent throughout the ‘world’ music scene, The Horse Flies stand as giants among dwarves.” (Ithaca Times)


“Man, this new CD (Until the Ocean) is the BEST you guys have ever done. Absolutely top-notch. ‘Build a House and Burn It Down,’ ‘Carnival Lips,’ you just can't pick a best cut. Nothing bad on this album. We're playing the crap out of it at WVTF. It has gotten instant phone and e-mail response. Thanks for sending this. We're gonna be playing this one continually for a long time.” (Music Director, WVTF, Roanoke, VA)


I just wanted to let you know the impact Until the Ocean has had here. I think at least 12 DJ's have played your CD. We are a station that’s format free. DJ's play what they wish. When I see so many DJ's play a CD, I know it's a strong release. I have you at #1 on my FMQB chart, #1 on my CMJ 30 chart, and at heavy spins on my Americana chart. It's a strong, diverse, even profound CD and I (we) thank you profusely for creating it and sending it our way. Keep it going please. And if you tour behind this one, here's hoping you make it to the Colorado Rockies. (Music Director, WDNK, Carbondale, CO)

Please check back soon for The Forgotten Kingdom - Live Sand Animation's tour schedule.