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Hank, Pattie & The Current Make Their Debut at Kings

On a Tuesday night at the erstwhile Tir Na Nog, Hank Smith was performing his weekly hosting duties at the Beer & Banjos series (which has since moved to Raleigh Times) when he came across an interesting pair of musicians called The Reckless Brothers.

At that moment, Smith was between a handful of projects. This was certainly a change, as Smith has spent many years as a member of Barefoot Manner, Kickin' Grass, The Morning After, and, more recently, his Blu-Bop Bela Fleck tribute band. He had planned to form a duo with Pattie Kinlaw, but his encounter with The Reckless Brothers gave him bigger ideas. After recruiting the hard-driving duo and adding bassist Scott Warren from Blu-Bop, Smith and Kinlaw formed Hank, Pattie & The Current.

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Dave Schram

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