The Crannua Collective

The Crannua Collective features three generations of writers steeped in the the transatlantic tradition. They have come together to construct a new and original voice, creating a contemporary body of work, drawn from their collective and individual music history.

Quick Facts

Representation: Exclusive – North America
Touring Formats:  Five- to Six-piece

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In 2015, Cormac De Barra was the Irish Cultural liaison for the World’s Fair in Milan. Knowing Ashley’s passion for writing within the Irish tradition, Cormac invited her to join him for a week, to curate a group of writers who also draw from the tradition to create contemporary works. The original members of The Crannua Collective (Moya Brennan, Éamonn De Barra, John Doyle, Cormac De Barra and Ashley Davis) collaborated during that week, producing live recordings and shows. From this work, John envisioned that they would create an album, blending the Gaelic traditions and Irish vocal traditions with Ashley’s traditional American roots. As the project grew, so did the collectiv. The group added new instruments and writing talents, as Dave Curley, Colin Farrell, Mick McAuley, Gawain Mathews and Cathy Jordan joined in 2017. Through this growth, the album’s transatlantic vision came into greater focus. This Collective would create a collection of original, contemporary works, drawing from the furthest Gaeltacht in Donegal to the Kansas prairie. It is with great pleasure that we offer you this new music, grown by The Crannua Collective from seed to flower.
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