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Claire Lynch Band Holiday! poster | Download
Claire Lynch Band Holiday! One Sheet | Download

Claire Lynch Band "Holiday!" Show

The Claire Lynch Band's Holiday! Jingles All the Way

The Claire Lynch Band‘s Holiday! twists (“Home for the Holidays”) and turns (“We Three Kings”) familiar classics with an effortless bluegrass backdrop. High watermarks like “Jingle Bells” make traditional songs even more timeless, while complementing newer material like the original “Heaven’s Light.” The Nashville resident released the record on her own label.

“I was already planning on it when I signed with Compass Records over a year ago, so they put a stipulation in our agreement that I could put it out as my own project,” Lynch says. “It’s worked out great. Given the new climate with the recording industry, I thought it’d be good to experiment.”

CMT Edge: Explain the song selection process on the new album.

Lynch: They’re just my favorite ones, I guess. I had a conversation with a label executive who has a long, illustrious track history with a lot of major artists, and he sat me down and said, “If you’re gonna do a holiday album, don’t do obscure songs. What people want is something they can put on that’ll bring up memories of their happy childhood. People associate these chestnuts with the happy moments in their life.” I realized that’s true. When I go bake cookies or do my holiday present-wrapping, I pull out my favorite CDs and put them on.

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Brian T. Atkinson

These holiday tunes bring new sounds to the season

"Holiday! The Claire Lynch Band. Hard to tell if this one's closer to acoustic folk or string-band swing, but it's a charmer either way. Lynch, a major bluegrass talent, takes an inclusive view of the holidays, and her band shines brightly on We Three Kings in 5/4 time and the Hanukkah song In the Window."


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Brian Mansfield

Music Review: Indie Roundup - Claire Lynch Band's Holiday Album, Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons, The Suitcase Junket

Late in every year comes an avalanche of holiday albums, but seldom a bluegrass holiday album. The Claire Lynch Band's Holiday! is a welcome change. The group's easygoing, ballad-heavy flavor of bluegrass lends itself nicely to this selection of sweetly rendered holiday-themed songs.

I never thought of it before, but could any instrument be a better choice to power "Jingle Bells" than the banjo? And why didn't I think of arranging "We Three Kings" in 5/8 time? (Then again, we can't all have a fiddle player like Bryan McDowell.) A gently swaying "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" turns into a syncopated rave-up providing another of the generally easygoing album's high-energy moments.


Jon Sobel

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