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A.J. Croce |

A.J. Croce is a multi-instrumentalist roots-rock artist, known for his boogie-woogie piano playing reminiscent of Dr. John.  AJ has recorded eight studio albums for both major and indie labels in 23 years as a professional artist and musician. His music incorporates pop, blues, folk, and jazz, and has charted on seven radio charts including Top 40. He’s shared the stage with many notable artists including James Brown, Willie Nelson, Bela Fleck, co-written songs with greats like Leon Russell, and been produced by legends like the late Allen Toussaint.  A.J. has appeared on many television shows including Good Morning America and The Tonight Show.

 "A.J. Croce has wisdom beyond his years. With his music, he represents his generation with a profound sense of honesty in his lyrics and quality in his delivery. The future of entertainment is safe in his hands!" - Willie Nelson.

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A.J. Croce One-Sheet 2016 | Download

ONE ON ONE: A.J. Croce March 22nd, 2014 City Winery New York Full Session

Song Medley Finale - A.J. Croce w/ Michael Bizar - 8/9/2013 - San Francisco, CA

A.J. Croce "Momentary Lapse Of Judgement"

A.J. Croce & Michael Bizar - Texas Ruby

Let's Go Get Stoned - A J Croce - Live

Hung Up (On You) - A.J. Croce - Live in Tokyo 2016

A.J. Croce - Cures Just Like Medicine (101.9 KINK)

A.J. Croce and the Alluring Ajettes -Take me to the Pilot

A.J. Croce Live at the Mint on The Time is Up

A.J. Croce - Interview (101.9 KINK)

AJ Croce "The Call of Love" Live at Anthology San Diego

AJ Croce at Alberta Rose Theatre

AJ Croce - One and Only

From his debut as a jazz influenced blues-based artist to his evolution into a pop music iconoclast, singer-songwriter A.J. Croce has traveled a circuitous musical road. In celebration of his career, A.J. Croce will re-release his highly successful album, That’s Me in the Bar, on the year of its 20th anniversary. With his unique jazz piano stylings and blues-tinged voice, the 12-track album established Croce as a singular artistic force in 1995. The rerelease will feature a bonus track, “If You Want Me to Stay,” recorded 20 years ago but locked in the vault until now.

The son of legendary singer-songwriter Jim Croce, A.J.’s career began with his first tour at age 18 opening up for B.B. King. In the span of a 20+-year career, A.J. has headlined festivals, concerts and major listening venues worldwide. He has been seen and heard on shows including Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Austin City Limits, Good Morning America, E!, and CNN, and he has shared the stage with an innumerable list of eclectic artists from Willie Nelson to Ray Charles, Béla Fleck to James Brown, Lyle Lovett to Morphine, and Rod Stewart to Ben Harper. 

A loyal and appreciative audience and glowing press from Rolling Stone to the New York Times confirms the appeal of A.J’s genre-spanning music, with six of his albums positioned in various radio charts including Top 40, AAA, Americana, College, and Jazz. An ivory-searing New Orleans piano style established an essential juju, but his exploratory pop gems revealed a spectrum of influences from art rock to Americana and beyond. Initially signed as a jazz artist, he subsequently charted with an Americana roots release and recorded two well-regarded releases for BMG Records that expanded his audience exponentially.  His subsequent albums were released on various independent labels and his own label, Seedling Records, established in 2003 to release his own records and that of other artists.

Having spent three years in Nashville where a packed weekly schedule of co-writing sharpened his writing to a keen edge, A.J. says that back home in California his song craft took an instant turn. “I began writing for myself again,” he confirms. He also began collaborating with the great Leon Russell (“A Song for You,” “This Masquerade”). “It’s a thrill and a little surreal to collaborate with Leon Russell. He’s been an influence and an inspiration as long as I can remember,” said A.J. at the time.

A dedicated family man, an adventurous artist and a confident creator; in this phase in his life and career, A.J. is focused less on expectations and more on instincts. “I generally want to do the stuff that makes me feel good,” he says. And like the blues greats who influenced him, A.J. Croce continues to create stellar music with longevity, authenticity and truth.

“…”That’s Me In The Bar” [is] a perfect foray into A.J. Croce's sultry, smooth vocals and hybrid sound, from the wailing organ and harmonies of gospel to the lilting guitar stylings of the blues."

–Elmore Magazine

“A.J. Croce has wisdom beyond his years. With his music, he represents his generation with a profound sense of honesty in his lyrics and quality in his delivery. The future of entertainment is safe in his hands!” - Willie Nelson 

“One of the greatest young songwriters” – David Wild, Rolling Stone

A.J. Croce: Genres blend, but the music stays soulful

A.J. Croce calls his work “American music,” but with his own twist.

“I sing soul music. Anything soulful I’m interested in, whether its country or pop or blues or rock and roll,” Croce said, from his new home in Nashville. He and his wife moved from their long-time residence in San Diego this summer.

The son of the late Jim Croce, A.J. performs his own original music, he said, and each of his seven albums is a different genre. The versatile artist is not sure what mix of music he will perform when he appears at the Pawleys Island Festival of Music and Art on Oct. 2. He decides at the last minute.

“Every concert performer plays at least one song by someone else, maybe I’ll do a Hank Williams or a Beatles song, or a brand new song by a pop artist. It depends on the moment,” he said.

He may play some of his father’s “stuff,” he said. “It depends on the show. A certain part of the audience appreciates that and I’m there to make them happy.”

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Carrie Humphreys

Revisit A.J. Croce’s Classic Album With The Soulful Track, “That’s Me In The Bar”

A.J. Croce is living proof that musical talent runs in the veins. Though Croce is the son of legendary performer Jim Croce, who topped the charts with his hit, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown,” he didn’t grow up under his father’s artistic influence;  tragically, the elder Croce was killed in a plane crash when A.J. was only two years old. But A.J. was already showing talent at the piano at the age of six, and by the time he turned 17, his future as a performer was clear.

In 1995 A.J. cemented his own legacy with the release of his album, That’s Me In The Bar. Now, for its 20th Anniversary, Compass Records is re-releasing the genre-spanning album along with a previously unreleased bonus track, “If You Want Me to Stay,” which Croce re-recorded for the release with some talented pals, including David Hidalgo from Los Lobos and Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame.


Elmore Magazine

A.J. Croce Revisits the “Bar” on 20th-Anniversary reissue

A.J. Croce’s 1995 sophomore album, That’s Me in the Bar, ranks high on the list of “most New Orleans-sounding albums not made in New Orleans.” This week the Compass label plans a 20th-anniversary reissue of the album, adding a bonus track “If You Want Me to Stay” (yes, a cover of the Sly & the Family Stone classic) to the original 12 tracks, all written by Croce.

Local influences ran deep on Croce’s album, which was recorded with a heavyweight cast including Los Lobos guitarist David Hidalgo, legendary guitarist Ry Cooder, and the great studio drummer Jim Keltner who also produced. A number of reviewers, including All Music Guide’s Scott Yanow, noted Croce’s vocal similarity to Dr. John. Though more a critical than a commercial hit, the album gave the 24-year-old Croce a musical identity much different from his father, the late troubadour Jim Croce.

A.J. did eventually record in New Orleans. Last year’s album Twelve Tales features two tracks each with six notable producers, Allen Toussaint among them.


Review link


Brett Milano

NPR's WWNO Airing 90 minute A.J. Croce Interview

barring breaking news -- the AJ Croce interview on Music Inside Out with Gwen Thompkins is scheduled to run on WWNO 89.9 FM Thursday (tomorrow) at 7 pm CT and again on Saturday at noon. Next week it will run on CIUT-Toronto Canada and KRVS-Lafayette. The show will also be available in perpetuity on our website: www.musicinsideout.org
Mr. Croce was WONDERFUL.  The interview will feature live performances he made in the studio with us, recorded music from his current and past albums, as well as tape from his performance at the Old U.S. Mint in New Orleans. At the Mint, he performed with clarinetist Evan Christopher and the great Allen Toussaint. 

Twelve Tales from A.J. Croce

"A.J. Croce returns to Austin on Saturday at the Strange Brew thanks to February’s Twelve Tales. His father Jim Croce (“Time in a Bottle,” “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”) died in a 1973 plane crash when he was 2, but A.J. Croce’s been his own musician since the beginning, a dynamic performer and songwriter moving from blues to pop with ease and skill.

"Now 42, Croce’s enjoyed a long, sustaining career as a musician and songwriter of his own renown. Twelve Tales took a year to record with six different producers, including “Cowboy” Jack Clement (Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash), Allen Toussaint (Dr. John, Paul McCartney), and Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Los Lobos). There’s also his co-write with Leon Russell, “Rollin’ On."..."


William Harries Graham, The Austin Chronicle

A.J. Croce and the Musician He Has Come to Be

"There are certain expectations that come with a storied family name – often filled with anticipation and comparison. This is a natural occurrence in many professions but perhaps nowhere are those hopes so high as with the son or daughter of a famous entertainer...."



Annette Crawford, Rivard Report

A.J. Croce to Play a Pair of Shows in New Orleans in July


Stephen Maloney

A.J. Croce, Rockwood Music Hall (New York, NY) Live Show Review

"It is easy to imagine that after years of consistent writing and recording, Croce is on the brink of tipping the scales of critical and popular appreciation. In his live show and in his recordings Croce’s formidable talents as a writer and player are undeniable..."


Eric Russ, Elmore Magazine





6/24/2017 - 6/25/2017 Kitchen Sink Series at Sagamon Auditorium
The Studio Theatre - Sangamon Auditorium
Springfield, IL
7/12/2017 Hoover Auditorium
Croce - 2 Generations of American Music
Lakeside, OH
7/15/2017 Copious Notes
Columbus, OH
8/10/2017 City Winery - Nashville
Nashville, TN
8/15/2017 The Hamilton
Washington, DC
8/16/2017 City Winery
Evening with AJ Croce and Robbie Fulks
NewYork, NY
8/18/2017 Rams Head Tavern & Onstage
AJ Croce w Robbie Fulks
Annapolis, MD
8/19/2017 World Cafe Live
Philadelphia, PA
9/15/2017 Cox Capitol Theatre
Macon, GA
9/23/2017 Fur Peace Ranch
Pomeroy, OH
9/30/2017 Stateside at the Paramount
Austin, TX
10/05/2017 Iowa Western
AJ Croce - Two Generations of American Music
Council Bluffs, IA
10/12/2017 South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center
AJ Croce - Two Generations of American Music
South Milwaukee, WI
10/13/2017 Al. Ringling Theatre
Croce: Two Generations of American Music
Baraboo, WI
10/14/2017 McComb/Bruchs Performing Arts Center
AJ Croce - Two Generations of American Music
Wautoma, WI
10/20/2017 ECC Blizzard Theatre
Elgin, IL
11/02/2017 Dennison Theater
Croce: Two Generations of American Music
Missoula, MT
11/04/2017 The Ellen Theatre
AJ Croce Presents - Croce: Two Generations of American Music
Bozeman, MT
11/07/2017 Green Valley Recreation West Center
Croce - 2 Generations of American Music
Green Valley, AZ
11/17/2017 Manhattan Arts Center
Manhattan, KS
11/18/2017 McPherson Opera House
AJ Croce - Two Generations of American Music
McPherson, KS
1/04/2018 St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Del Mar, CA
1/19/2018 Arlington Music Hall
AJ Croce - Two Generations of American Music
Arlington, TX
3/10/2018 Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts
AJ Croce - Two Generations of American Music
Roscommon, MI
4/28/2018 Berrie Center for the Arts
Croce: 2 Generations of American Music
Mahwah, NJ



Tuesday January 10, 2012 “…marked the first time A.J. had publicly performed more than a few songs by Jim Croce, whose legacy he wisely left almost entirely untouched during the course of a solo career that began with the release of his excellent 1993 debut album, A.J. Croce,” says George Varga of the San Diego Union Tribune.  



A new special A.J. Croce concert was born out of this night, “Croce: Two Generations of American Music,” to feature a complete set of classics by his father Jim Croce, some of his own tunes, and songs that influenced both him and his father. This special event features such timeless songs as “Operator,” “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim,” “Time in a Bottle,” (a song written for A.J.), “Workin’ At the Car Wash Blues,” “Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy), “One Less Set of Footsteps,” “Lovers Cross,” and “Box #10,” to name a few. Classic covers may include songs by Lieber and Stoller, Bessie Smith, and other folk and roots artists. Behind the band will be a multimedia presentation with photos and video clips of Jim’s life.  


A.J. strikes a fine balance between paying heartfelt homage to his father’s artistic legacy and injecting the songs with his own spin and personality. He adds a rollicking, New Orleans-flavored piano touch to “Workin’ At the Car Wash Blues” that is as awesome as it is unexpected. The anecdotes A.J. shares about his father’s songs, like the songs themselves, are all the more touching coming from the son who has grown to become  “Every bit his dad’s artistic equal.” Says Varga.   

“My father made heroes out of everyday people.” -A.J. Croce  


“How lucky are we that a talent like Jim Croce came along in our lifetime. His music and voice will live on long after we’re gone, as well as his reputation as a wonderful human being. Jim Croce, I will always love you.” -Dolly Parton 


Last year marks the 40th anniversary of two Jim Croce albums, Life and Times and I’ve Got a Name, both of which peaked at Number One on the charts. With sales surpassing 40 million records, including three #1 songs and 10 Top 10 hits, Jim Croce’s short career and long-lived legacy are well-remembered through his era-defining standards like “Operator,” Time in a Bottle,” and “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” Covered by artist like Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks and Jimmy Buffett, the Croce song catalog is continually featured in major films and television shows, including Quentin Taratino’s recent film Django Unchainged and X-Men: Days of Future Past.    



A recent biography I Got A Name: The Jim Croce Story, plus a new Sony collection of rare early demos along with live performances of his hits, has focused renewed attention on one of the most respected and revered singer- songwriters in American Music. 




Across the span of his two-decade career, singer/songwriter A.J. Croce has headlined festivals and concerts worldwide and shared stages with an illustrious roster of artist like Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart and Bed Harper. Television appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The David Letterman Show, Conan O’ Brien, Austin City Limits, Good Morning America, E! and CNN have showcased the captivating artistry of his music.   


A.J.’s latest album Twelve Tales was released on February 4, 2014 via Compass Records and includes collaborations with legends including Leon Russell, Allen Toussaint, and the late “Cowboy” Jack Clement. A.J. recorded the album over the course of one year with six producers and six different bands in five cities, with nine engineers in ten studios. The album has received glowing press in USA Today, Billboard, and All Music Guide to name a few.   


There is a new way for audiences to appreciate the artistry of A.J. Croce and the classic songs of Jim Croce: 




for the first time ever, the songs and stories of both father and son in a full band multimedia presentation.   



Label: Compass Records • www.compassrecords.com

Management: Jeff DeLia • 72 Music Management


for more information

A.J. Croce is a singer-songwriter, musicologist, and boogie woogie piano player who’s very well versed all genres of American music. A.J. can offer seminars on the history of American music, on the history of piano playing, and how to play piano. He’s done master classes, workshops, and educational programs for adults and children in many settings around the world, including the University of Barcelona in Spain where he did a seminar with Masters student’s talking to them about American music and the development and change in composition. In Toronto in 2012 he performed for an entire elementary school.

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